Alan Ball develops new show, 'Banshee,' for Cinemax

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alan-ball-gi.jpgFans of "True Blood" creator Alan Ball who are perhaps a bit fed up with vampires, werewolves and witches will be pleased to hear that Ball just inked a deal to develop a non-supernatural series for HBO's sister network, Cinemax.

"Banshee" will be set in a small town (named, umm, Banshee) in the Pennsylvania Amish country and, according to the Los Angeles Times, chronicle the doings of a martial arts-loving ex-con posing as a murdered cop. No word yet on whether or not Chuck Norris has been approached to star.

And, as promised above, the series will allegedly not feature any supernatural elements, though we can't promise there won't be a barn raising or shunning somewhere in the mix.

Ball previously produced "American Beauty" and HBO's long-running series "Six Feet Under."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images