Alec Baldwin is quitting acting and hates his own films. Seriously.

Alec-Baldwin.jpg"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin was caught on tape calling his and Kim Bassinger's daughter Ireland a "little pig"... Oh wait, sorry we're not talking about. Old news. Wrong Baldwin story.

What the Dish Rag was meaning to ruminate about was the latest report with all this business of Alec Baldwin quitting acting and hating his movies. Which if you ask us, sounds almost about as bananas as Alec's little piggy rant.

"I don't have any interest in acting anymore," Alec Baldwin, 51, tells the December issue of " Men's Journal."

"I consider my entire movie career a complete failure," he added. "The goal of movie-making is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that.Every movie I've ever been in, I just avoid." 

I can never tell when this guy's kidding, can you?