Watch 'X Factor' winners Alex and Sierra's lyric video for 'Scarecrow' - with puppets!

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alex-and-sierra-scarecrow-single-lyric-video-puppets.jpgThe first single from "The X Factor" Season 3 winners Alex and Sierra is here, and it's just as stinking cute as you'd expect. "Scarecrow" has a lot of "hey"s and a hand-clap-friendly beat, plus the Florida couple's folky vocals on top.

The singers released a lyric video for the single, which features the pair in puppet form going about their day in New York City. Yes, Puppet Alex wears a cute beanie and Puppet Sierra has an awesome necklace.

If you like catchy songs, sunny summer days or cute puppets holding hands, this is the video for you. Check it out below.

Photo/Video credit: Columbia Records