EXCLUSIVE: Alexander McQueen's mother's death caused depression, suicide?

Iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his home, allegedly by suicide. The shocking news has rocked the international fashion industry.

Top Hollywood celebrity stylist George Blodwell who has known McQueen for many years tells The Dish Rag exclusively why he thinks McQueen took his own life.

"I'm totally shocked," Blodwell tells us. "I only just found out. All I know is that he lived and breathed to make his mother proud of him. Everything he did was done to please her, like a 'Look mommy, look what I did.' He was very, very attached to her. And when she died last week, I think he felt, 'what's the use of anything anymore.'"

Blodwell goes on to say: "He was a mad genius and his death such a loss for his friends and the entire fashion world. He was at the top of his game. His last collection was iconic. Anything designed by him will become a true collectors' item and the prices will skyrocket."