Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian Ryan Seacrest 'dead' photos for World AIDS Day

alicia-keys-dead-aids-450.jpgHere's one last look at the dearly departed Alicia Keys.

As Zap2it previously reported, the musician and a slew of other celebs will die a digital death on their various social networking platforms on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day to raise money for the Keep a Child Alive foundation.

The photo campaign makes us hope we have such a good funeral home (and stylist, hair and makeup people and photographer) as these people got.

Remember Kim Kardashian's "dead eyes" on "Dancing With the Stars"? Oddly enough, she's never looked so lifelike:

kim-kardashian-dead-aids.jpgAnd of course Ryan Seacrest's hair is perfection even in death:

ryan-seacrest-dead-aids.jpgWe like the different touch with Serena Williams' tennis racket bouquet:

serena-williams-dead-aids.jpgMr. Keys, aka Swizz Beatz, gives us an additional message in death:

swizz-beatz-dead-aids.jpgIs there anything sadder than a dead hobbit? RIP Elijah Wood.

elijah-wood-dead-aids.jpgWe're kind of bummed Justin Bieber wasn't included. But an image of a dead Bieber would be probably be too traumatic for his fans. And let's not even mention his going silent on Twitter. A sign of the apocalypse for sure.
Photo/Video credit: Keep a Child Alive