Alison Sweeney leaving 'Days of Our Lives,' says Sami Brady 'probably deserves' 'Breaking Bad'-style ending

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After 21 years playing the sometimes-villainous, sometimes-heroic Sami Brady on "Days of Our Lives," "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney tells "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that it's time to say goodbye.

"I decided that it's going to be my last year with the show," says Sweeney. " ... I've been on 'Days of Our Lives' since I was 16 years old and I have never had more than a two-week vacation in that whole time. I mean, it's so awesome. I love Sami, I love Salem, I love my job, I love daytime, I love the fans, I love everything about it."

"[But] my daughter just turned five and my son is nine and I just want to be with them and enjoy my last year," Sweeney continues. "I'm going to be on 'Days' all this year. ... We don't have a specific time yet [for when I'm leaving], but I'm going to be on all this year and we'll see what happens."

As for the ending, Sweeney says that while she thinks it would be awesome to have "some kind of happy ending," she also thinks Sami "probably deserves some sort of very twisted, like 'Breaking Bad' ending."

"Well, she's caused a lot of people a lot of problems," says Sweeney. " ... Sami has certainly caused her fair share of drama over the last 21 years."

How do you think Sami should be sent off, "Days of Our Lives" fans?
Photo/Video credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.