All aboard! 'Jersey Shore's' Deena hosting Bermuda Cruise

deena-gi.jpg Deena Nicole Cortese is a self-described "blast in a glass" so we're certain you'll want to make haste to sign up for the Bermuda cruise the "Jersey Shore" co-star (and one half of Team Meatballs) will be hosting in September.

The Royal Caribbean cruise will depart Cape Liberty, N.J. on Sept. 16, stop off in Bermuda and return on Sept. 23. All the while, promises a promotional website, Deena will host happy hours, private events and "even a club night in Bermuda." At all, touts the site, one may hear Deena utter her "key phrases," including (but not limited to) "Lean Cuisines," "backpacks," "get real" and "merp."

Total blast in a glass, right?

She'll also be taking along DJ Nicky Sibilia. No, we've never heard of him, either, but we can assure you that -- at least based on photographic evidence -- he is indeed down with the GTL program.

Prices start at $1,200 and go up to $2,975 depending on how swanky one wants to get. Additional opportunities -- outdoor games with Deena, dinner with Deena, dance lessons with Deena, etc. -- can also be had for an extra fee.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images