'Almost Human': Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are one in poster for FOX's new series

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FOX has released a poster for its futuristic cop show "Almost Human," and it plays up the connection between stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Take a look:

almost-human-poster.jpgThe series, which premieres Nov. 4, stars Urban as John Kennex, an LAPD detective in the year 2048 who, after being gravely wounded in a shootout, wakes up from a coma to discover he has a synthetic leg. Each human officer has an android for a partner, and after Kennex ditches his, his boss ( Lili Taylor) pairs him up with Dorian (Ealy), a discontinued model designed to mimic human emotions.

The show also stars Minka Kelly, Michael Irby and Mackenzie Crook -- all of whom you can see in this video from the show's photo shoot. "Almost Human" is scheduled to premiere Monday, Nov. 4.

Photo/Video credit: FOX