Alyssa Milano, Jimmy Kimmel, Josh Schwartz: TV Tweets of the past 24 hours

The alyssa-milano-romantically-challenged-320.jpgwild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24 hours...

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too... not often though)

Twitter newbie  Jimmy Kimmel is pleased:  @jimmykimmel:  This is incredible. I already love my followers far more than I love my family.
Misha Collins ("Supernatural") is confused: @mishacollins:
The folks @ the CW TV network in the USA (i think CW stands for "Clever Wizards") have asked me to twit during the airing of a reality show.

The show is called "Supernatural" & I believe it's about a family on a safari. I'll be twitting from sydney, AU at 9-10pm new york time.
We're playing the world's tiniest violin for "Melrose" alum Thomas Calabro: @ThomasCalabro: Calabro is committed to voice over career..tired of being so damn handsome...

I s there a killer TV tweet from today that we missed?

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Photo credit: ABC