Amanda Bynes calls Drake ugly, then deletes tweets

amanda-bynes-drake-ugly.jpg Amanda Bynes apparently can't make up her mind about rapper Drake. Murder her vagina one minute, fugly the next.

Bynes tweeted on Thursday (June 6) that Drake "has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes," then when her not-so-secret Barbie Twitter account chimes in that Drake "acts ugly because he looks ugly," Bynes followed up that she no longer is into vagina-murder because of Drake's "ugly smile and ugly uneven teeth and fugly face."

She adds, "He's gay and ugly I want a hot straight man!"

Then after apparently receiving some backlash for said tweets, Bynes writes, "I won't deny calling @drake ugly."

Photos below via Perez Hilton, since Bynes quickly deleted all the tweets relating to Drake's ugliness. Barbie has also deleted her Drake tweet.


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