Amanda Bynes' deep Tweets: Quitting acting, likes 'black men', hates 'perverted dudes'

amanda-bynes-getty.jpg Amanda Bynes has been quite the busy beaver on Twitter recently. In the past 5 days, she has declared who her idols are, her likes and dislikes in men and that she is quitting show biz.

Says Ms. Bynes, with the Dish Rag's comments in italics:

"My mother Lynn and my grandmother Anne are and my grandmother Helen (RIP) are my idols"

Awww, that's nice.

"My other idols are Marilyn Monroe (RIP) and Angelina Jolie"

Um, okay. Mom, grandmas and two of the most beautiful women who have ever lived. We're sure your mom and grannies say, "Thanks."

"I hate perverted dudes ew"

We'll assume she means "ew" as in yucky, not as though she is talking to the magazine or perhaps implying that there are "perverted dudes" at Entertainment Weekly.