Amanda Bynes pierces her cheek, joins Tumblr

amanda-bynes-face-piercing.jpgIt's been a while since we've heard from child-star turned nuisance-to-the-LAPD, Amanda Bynes, but she's back... and she's started a Tumblr. (Cue ominous music now.)

Bynes joined the social network slash blogging platform this week, and her first order of business was to post photos of her recently acquired face jewelry. She's pierced her cheek, which is apparently a thing that people do, and judging by her smile she's quite pleased with the silver stud poking through the side of her head.

She shared this pic of herself sitting in a car grinning -- let's just hope she's not in the drivers' seat. In 2012, the actress got a DUI, two hit-and-run charges and two separate charges for driving with a suspended license.

Bynes is best known for her work as a child star on Nickelodeon and later with Jennie Garth on "What I Like About You." Her movie "She's The Man" is also responsible for kickstarting our Channing Tatum crushes, so we'll be forever grateful to her.

That doesn't mean we approve of the face-piercing, though.


Photo/Video credit: Tumblr