Amanda Bynes ranks who's ugly and who's hot in Hollywood - Infographic


It seems as though there's no greater insult that Amanda Bynes can give a person than calling them ugly. She did it to Jenny McCarthy, then Lance Bass and Perez Hilton. From Drake to Miley Cyrus, it seemed like there's no one who is safe from the wrath of Amanda Bynes -- not even her own father.

But with so much ugliness coming out of her Twitter, it's hard to keep track of who's ugly and who's pretty, hot or some variation of attractive in Bynes' book. That's why we at Zap2it put together an easy-to-follow Venn diagram to help keep track of who Bynes has said is ugly or otherside -- though be warned, she could change her opinion about any of these people at any point in time. Enjoy!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Zap2it