Amanda Bynes sexual assault claim being investigated by NYPD, friend makes statement

amanda-bynes-bra-twitter.jpgThough Amanda Bynes isn't exactly known for her truth-telling these days, the NYPD is diligently investigating her claims that one of their officers "slapped her vagina" when arresting her for throwing a bong out her window last week.

According to ABC News, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said officers from the department's internal affairs bureau are looking into the claim "regardless of its credibility."

Meanwhile, Bynes has continued her Twitter ranting about the incident, insisting that the officer entered her home unlawfully. "The cops entered immediately upon knocking! I was sexually assaulted! I called the cops while they were in the room!" she writes.

Publicist Jonathan Jaxson, who says he's a friend of Bynes' and who has been the target of some of her Twitter vitriol in recent months, released a statement about her condition.

"I have tried for weeks now to get Amanda the help she so desperately needs, to little accord... until yesterday, when someone near her shared with me [the news that] she had cut her remaining hair off and was pacing up and down her hall talking to herself," he told Access Hollywood. "Yesterday afternoon was a long time coming for a hopeful intervention to get this beautiful woman's life saved. Cops were called and I wasn't the only one involved in the 'intervention.' It is so hard seeing someone so lost and 'gone.' I did what anyone would do with the available access to them to help someone in need [who] they care about. I am scared every day of waking to tragic news that Amanda is no longer with us. People must stop provoking her and being 'yes' people and stand up and share their love and support for her. That's my main request."

Photo/Video credit: Twitter