Amanda Bynes shows off new look and facial piercings in new pics

amanda-bynes-face-cheek-piercing-bling.jpg Amanda Bynes is back on social media, and she's been sharing photos of her major makeover with fans. As previously reported, Bynes got her cheeks pierced, so she now wears studs in her face. Ouch?

She's also gone super-blonde, rocking some very long, very fake looking extensions, and a whole lot more makeup than we're used to seeing her wear -- perhaps dressing up for a new career? The former child star recently revealed that since retiring from acting, she's been taking classes to become a stripper.

Bynes has recently been in the news for some trouble with the law after several hit-and-run cases and a DUI in Los Angeles. Last month, she also stirred up controversy by posting a picture of Jay-Z with the caption "Ugly face."


Photo/Video credit: Amanda Bynes