AMAs 2013: Dear Pitbull, Billy Ray Cyrus, R. Kelly, Nelly, and more - Stop wearing sunglasses inside and at night


The 2013 American Music Awards was a night filled with star-studded performances and fashion that pushed the envelope. But there's one look that many guys rocked both on the red carpet and onstage that we just can't get behind: sunglasses, inside, at night. Ugh, make it stop!

The main culprit of this obnoxious trend? The AMAs host himself, Mr. Worldwide, a.k.a. Pitbull. But he wasn't the only one guilty of committing this jerky faux pas. He was joined by the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus:


... and R. Kelly:


... and Nelly:


... and Marc Anthony:


... and 2 Chainz:


Please, all men -- famous and not famous -- we beg of you: when the sun goes down, take the shades off.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images