Amber Heard on the Liam Hemsworth dildo prank and Richard Dreyfuss not recognizing her during 'Paranoia'

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amber-heard-liam-hemsworth-paranoia.jpg "Paranoia" is the new film starring Amber Heard, Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss and in promoting the movie, Heard has been telling anyone who will listen about the dildo prank she pulled on Hemsworth.

"We had this sex scene where he's supposed to grab my arm passionately and turn me around and we have this big moment. And I just switched my arm out for a dildo, as you do," Heard tells Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately."

"As one does, as a professional actor does," says Handler.

But speaking of professional actors, Heard goes on to regale the host with her tale of how Richard Dreyfuss can never remember that she's in the movie with him.

Heard: "I ran into [Dreyfuss] in the hotel lobby and he was with his beautiful, tall, blonde, young Russian wife."
Handler: "I didn't know he got a new wife. Whoopsy whoopsy whoopsy."
Heard: "She even recognized me, she's like, 'Come to dinner with us.' ... and I'm having dinner and he keeps talking about how he wants to imbue all our scenes with sexual tension and I'm thinking to myself, 'cause we don't have any scenes together, I'm thinking,' This is the weirdest way I've ever been hit on.'"
Handler: "And you're like no thanks, buddy. Richard Dreyfuss? Maybe during 'Jaws.' But lately?"
Heard: "He thought I was the nurse in the movie. He had no idea who I was. ... It gets worse. We shot the movie, we have a break, we do reshoots a few months ago here in L.A. I walk into the holding suite where the actors are hanging out ... he looks up and he looks at me -- and at this point we've worked side by side, we've been on set twice, we've had dinner. ... I walk into the room and he stands up and says, 'Oh, I'm sorry, were you wanting to sit down in here? ... This is where the actors... but you can totally sit down.' and I'm like, 'Uh, but I'm in the movie! You know me!'"

As Handler says, it sounds like Dreyfuss might be losing it a little.
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