'American Horror Story: Asylum': Dylan McDermott reveals his Bloody Face connection

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Yep, that's Dylan McDermott on the set of "American Horror Story: Asylum." And yes, he's playing the role of the modern day Bloody Face.

McDermott posted the photo this week on WhoSay and tweeted the accompanying declaration: "I AM THE MODERN DAY BLOODY FACE!"

McDermott's social media revelation came after executive producer Ryan Murphy confirmed McDermott's bloody role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. That followed significant speculation online that McDermott had made an uncredited vocal cameo during Bloody Face's phone call to the police in the Nov. 21 episode. (It's true, he did.)

We'll see McDermott in the flesh on the Dec. 12 installment, and he promises it's not going to be pretty:

Photo/Video credit: FX