'American Horror Story: Coven': Get ready for 'The Seven Wonders'

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american-horror-story-coven-go-to-hell-witches.jpg Update: Read our recap of "Go To Hell" here

"American Horror Story: Coven" is almost at an end, with only two episodes remaining this season. We've seen the penultimate episode, titled "Go to Hell," and we've got a few spoiler-y tidbits for you.

  • As a general disclaimer: Hold on to your hats, fans. This episode is a real doozy, culminating in a major step forward for the coven that left us fairly shocked, even if we totally should have seen it coming.
  • This episode is also very bloody. They certainly aren't skimping in the gore department this season, are they?
  • Lest you thought Zoe and Kyle were gone forever, off to live a magical, happy life at Epcot Center, don't worry. They're back for the final episodes, which we were pleased to see.
  • Also back -- Papa Legba (Lance Reddick), at least for "Go to Hell." Which is appropriate, since he's kind of a middleman for the afterlife.
  • Stevie Nicks does not physically appear in this episode (though she is sort of there in song), but creator Ryan Murphy said she filmed two episodes, which means Nicks should be in the season finale. Fingers crossed she performs again.
  • The episode starts with what we're calling a "witch PSA," detailing for young witches (and us viewers) what exactly the Seven Wonders test entails.
  • Then the episode ends with a great set-up for next week's "Seven Wonders" finale. Place your bets now on who the next Supreme is!

Get ready for the final two episodes of "American Horror Story: Coven." Who's your pick for Supreme?
Photo/Video credit: FX