'American Horror Story': Dylan McDermott checking into the Asylum

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dylan-mcdermott-cast-american-horror-story-glee-ryan-murphy-320.jpgWhen "American Horror Story" ended its first season, creator Ryan Murphy dropped the bombshell that Season 2 would be an entirely new series -- new setting, new story, new characters. But he did assure fans that some familiar faces would be returning.

At first, it was just a handful. But more and more Season 1 cast members keep signing on, at least to guest star, and the latest is none other than Ben Harmon himself, Dylan McDermott.

Murphy tweets, "So thrilled to announce Dylan McDermott is returning to American Horror Story!"

No details, of course, so let the speculation begin. Hopefully this time he can avoid the crying the masturbation scenes, but frankly, we don't put anything past "AHS."

Don't forget, "AHS" returns Wednesday night, Oct. 17, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX. 

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images