'American Horror Story: Lily Rabe on for Season 3

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lily-rabe-american-horror-story.jpgNews has started trickling in about "American Horror Story" Season 3. We know it's going to be kind of an "evil glamour" setting with a Romeo & Juliet storyline in the works. Now we also know someone who is returning (in addition to Jessica Lange).

It's a three-peat for Lily Rabe, creator Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter: "So thrilled to announce Lily Rabe is onboard for American Horror Story Season Three! So talented, love her!"

Rabe played the tragic doctor's wife Nora Montgomery in Season 1's "Murder House" and the possessed Sister Eunice for Season 2's "Asylum." We wonder if she'll be the Juliet Murphy has in mind for Season 3?

Who else do you hope returns to "AHS"? We've got our fingers crossed for Taissa Farmiga from Season 1.

"American Horror Story" returns to FX in the fall of 2013.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images