'American Horror Story's' Sarah Paulson ready for Season 4, not a spinoff

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american-horror-story-sarah-paulson.jpgSpoiler alert: If you haven't watched Wednesday's (Jan. 29) finale, don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

It was revealed during the "American Horror Story: Coven" finale that Sarah Paulson's Cordelia is the new Supreme, with the show's final frames seeing Cordelia, Zoe and Queenie welcome a new batch of young witches to the academy.

We'll confess it made part of us yearn for another year of "Coven," or a spinoff from "AHS" about the witches, but Paulson tells E! Online that she's looking forward to Season 4.

"I think I'm done with Cordelia. I'm ready to see what's next. ... I'd rather roll the dice and see what's going to come for me next year than play a character I've played," says Paulson. "Although I didn't feel that after I played Lana Winters, I will say that. I would've loved to play Lana Winters for the rest of my life, but with Cordelia I felt like it came to a very beautiful, full circle place. I was ready to say goodbye when it was time to say goodbye."

Paulson also says that filming Fiona's death in the finale was incredibly emotional for her because she cares so much about her co-star Jessica Lange.

"It was hard. I've known Jessica -- we did 'The Glass Menagerie' on Broadway together in 2005 -- so I've known her for a long time ... Jessica is a good friend of mine and to see her in that makeup was actually very upsetting for me," says Paulson. "I obviously care about her very much and to see her looking that ill and that at the brink of death, and then to have her die in my arms, it wasn't hard to be emotional about it."

The actress also reveals her dream guest-stars for "American Horror Story": Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

"American Horror Story" Season 4 returns in October 2014.
Photo/Video credit: FX