'American Idol' apologizes for Steven Tyler's awesomeness

steven-tyler-american-idol-320.jpgFake out!

The Internet was a'buzzin' before tonight's episode of "American Idol" that FOX was going to issue an apology for new judge Steven Tyler's outrageous behavior. (Namely his use of foul language, hitting on female contestants, awesome facial expressions, etc.)

Early on Wednesday, Feb 2., Ryan Seacrest talked about the show's apology on his radio show. "If you've been watching the season, you know exactly what he's been doing," he said.  When one of his co-hosts asked if Tyler was going to be fired, Seacrest replied, "Are you kidding?! He's a home run!" and hinted that the apology may be the show's attempt at a joke. Spoiler alert! -- it was. 

The show started with a black card that read: "American Idol would like to apologize for last week's outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler. Mr. Tyler has been warned and assures us it will never happen again."

Naturally, the show cut to a clip of a young man coming in who said his last name was Muck, to which Tyler responded, "Do you know what rhymes with Muck?" Never change, Tyler. Never Change. Seriously, please don't.
Photo/Video credit: FOX