'American Idol': A didgeridoo meets 'Come Together' and Crystal Bowersox

didgeridoo-american-idol-32.jpgWhat's a didgeridoo? Crystal Bowersox showed one off during her "American Idol" Beatles week performance of "Come Together."

A didgeridoo is defined as "a musical instrument of Australian Aborigines made from a long wooden tube that is blown into to create a low drone."

Crystal Bowersox and Rickey Minor and the band managed to find a didgeridoo for Crystal's performance of "Come Together." You mean the band didn't just have a didgeridoo player on hand? What?!

Turns out the didgeridoo player is a freelancer named Ernie. Just how does one get into freelance didgeridoo playing? We have no idea. It certainly added an eclectic element to Crystal's performance, but we still thought this was one of her weaker offerings on the show. What do you think?

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Photo credit: FOX
Video credit: Rickey.org