'American Idol': Adam Lambert doubts he 'would have ever been signed' without 'Idol'

adam-lambert-beatweek.jpg Adam Lambert knows why he's famous -- a little show called "American Idol."  The AI runner-up doubts he would've even had much of a music career without it.

" If it weren't for 'Idol,' I have strong doubts that I would have ever been signed to a record label," Lambert tells Beatweek Magazine.

" I just think I was a little too left of center for a typical record executive to probably look at it and go, 'Oh, that guy, let's hire him,'" Adam continues. He is gracing the cover of the April 14 issue of Beatweek (below), you can check back here on April 13 for a free digital version with the complete Adam Lambert interview.

Meanwhile, Adam has released his dance remix EP with his previously unreleased single "Voodoo" and he is appearing on "American Idol" Tuesday, April 13 to mentor the Idols for what is reportedly an Elvis theme week. He'll also be there Wednesday, April 14 to perform his hit single "Whataya Want From Me" live at the results show.

Do you guys think Adam gets signed without "Idol?" He may have been discovered eventually, but we have to think he never would've skyrocketed to the kind of fame he has without "Idol."


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Photo credit: Beatweek