'American Idol': Amber Holcomb takes Heart on 'What About Love'

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Amber Holcomb - What About Love - American Idol... by IdolxMuzic

"American Idol" took on rock 'n roll for the Top 7 theme and Amber Holcomb decided to try on some Heart for size -- and she absolutely nailed "What About Love?" It was a superb vocal, our favorite of the night.

The judges agreed.

"Wow. Great, great song choice ... key change was killer. I thought that was really great, baby," says Keith. Nicki adds, "I just really don't even know where to begin ... the first line of the song just completely melted me. You believed what you were singing."

And Randy echoes our thoughts exactly with, "What I love is you didn't lose Amber in there ... you really found yourself in there. I can still hear the little Houston-isms in there, the Whitney-isms."

So good. Will you be voting for Amber, "Idol" fans?
Photo/Video credit: FOX