'American Idol': Anna Kendrick wants Adam Lambert for Oscars date?

anna-kendrick-adam-lambert.jpgCould "American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert be headed for the Academy Awards?

Ryan Seacrest tweeted, " Talked to @annakendrick47..shes been buds w/ @adamlambert since 18. She might take him to oscars.."

Turns out Anna Kendrick told Seacrest on his radio show that
she and Lambert "saw each other at party about a year ago and he told me, 'You can't tell anybody but I tried out for American Idol and I got through Hollywood Week.' I was like, 'Okay! You can't tell anybody but I just booked this movie with George Clooney!' We didn't see each other again for a year and finally we saw each other at the Critics' Choice Awards and the SAG Awards. We were like, you know, it's been quite a year for both of us."

Wouldn't that be a trip? Adam Lambert at the Oscars! Hey, if you don't have a date-date to take, a really fun friend is the next best thing.

Thanks to ShowBiz Spy for the quotes.

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