'American Idol': Crystal Bowersox's 'People Get Ready,' says she can glam it up

crystal-bowersox-people-get.jpg Crystal Bowersox turned in another powerhouse performance on "American Idol" Inspirational Songs week for "Idol Gives Back."

She chose "People Get Ready" by The Impressions and her emotional singing left nary a dry eye in our section at the taping.. Crystal said onstage that she became choked up because it was the first time her dad had been to see her perform on "Idol." He looked cool as a cucumber in his shades, but we bet he was pretty touched behind the glasses.

Crystal has been the frontrunner for weeks now but it was nice to see her open up a bit. Her personality perhaps doesn't come through as best it could -- perhaps because she seems flawless. She rarely has an off night and even those have only tiny mistakes.

We also loved seeing her completely instrument free and dressed to the nines. She looked gorgeous and she tells Zap2it, "Just because I have dreadlocks doesn't mean I can't be elegant. I don't have to wear jeans ... I'm a woman."

Absolutely, Mamasox!

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Photo credit: FOX
Video credit: Rickey.org