'American Idol' final Phillip Phillips says he stroked Colton Dixon's hair to make girls jealous

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phillip-phillips-colton-dixon-hair.jpg Phillip Phillips knows what you like, "American Idol" voters. As mentor Jimmy Iovine has said a few times during Season 11, he and fellow finalist (and cute guy) Colton Dixon have the teen girl vote on lockdown. So how can you blame him for acting on everyone in America's urge and gently stroking Dixon's blonde mohawk during the Top 7 group performance of Pink's hit "Raise Your Glass"?

"Yeah, it was my idea," Phillips confesses to Zap2it. "I knew every girl in America would be jealous. You know, all the girls love Colton because of his fake hair -- oops, did I say that?"

Dixon confirms: "Phillip just naturally did that. There's Phillip for ya! He naturally did that during one of the rehearsals and everyone loved it so much that they made us do it," he says. Now, it's a moment that will go down in "Idol" history. "That's the new chest bump between Michael Johns and David Cook!"

But Phillips is taking his new moves to heart, telling Zap2it, "That was my favorite group performance. I kind of came up with the choreography, the fist-pumping. That's really what I do all the time, so. I'm thinking about quitting 'American Idol' and going for [choreography]," he jokes.

Perhaps he would try out for "So You Think You Can Dance" next? "No, that's too much. I don't want to make people look bad."
Photo/Video credit: FOX