'American Idol': Haeley Vaughn is Vote for the Worst pick

vote-for-the-worst.jpgVote for the Worst picked their "American Idol" female Tuesday night (Feb. 23) -- Haeley Vaughn.

We don't really enjoy the fact that Vote for the Worst likes to keep the worst singers in the competition on "Idol," but it's always interesting to see who they are backing -- we don't always agree with them.

Unfortunately, we completely agree this week. Ellen DeGeneres was exactly right about poor, sweet Haeley Vaughn -- she was a hot mess Tuesday night. From the gaudy white outfit to the shrieking on "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," it was a rough performance.

Haeley and Janell Wheeler should both be very worried after their first performances, though Lacey Brown and even Ashley Rodriguez may also be in trouble.

Interestingly, we thought for sure Siobhan Magnus and Paige Miles would be in trouble last night, but they turned in two of the better performances (though Paige picked a terrible song).

The results show should be interesting Thursday night (Feb. 25).

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Photo credit: Vote for the Worst