'American Idol': Hallie Day is 'Feelin' Good' and so are we

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It's like the "American Idol" Top 12 girls didn't really get started until Hallie Day took to the stage. There were a couple good ones before her, but we really thought she nailed "Feelin' Good" by Nina Simone.

"Since day one, you know how I feel. I think you're beautiful. I think your voice is real old-timey, old-fashioned and I hope that's coming back. Adele proved that it will and I think that you're goign to be part of it. Nice going," says Steven Tyler. We completely agree.

"I was just enjoying it ... As soon as I walk out, I scale the audience 'cause I have to know where [her husband Ryan] is 'cause then I feel better once I know," says Hallie, after her performance.

Did you love Hallie Day as much as we did?

Photo/Video credit: FOX