'American Idol': Harry Connick Jr. slams Randy Jackson with 'pitchy' comment

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harry-connick-jr-dis-randy-jackson-pitchy.jpgThis sounds like a burn, dawg: Harry Connick Jr. is a breath of fresh air on the newest iteration of the "American Idol" judging panel. There's nary a "for you for me" in earshot -- and on Wednesday's (Jan. 16) second half of the Season 13 finale, he talked smack on one of new "Idol" mentor Randy Jackson's trademark phrases.

When 24-year-old Samuel Ramsey said he'd prepared a "jazzy" version of his audition song, Connick asked him what he meant by that. Ramsey said he wanted to "change up the song a little bit," and Connick wasn't happy with his answer.

"Don't use the word jazzy. It's not a word," he says, which you can see in the clip below. "It's one of those words, like pitchy -- ... pitchy is one of those words people say over and over without knowing what they mean."

Photo/Video credit: FOX