'American Idol': Jason Castro's 'All Wrapped Up,' taking brother Michael on tour

jason-castro-getty.jpg"American Idol'' finalist  Jason Castro released his new single "All Wrapped Up" off his self-titled debut album and is gearing up for his upcoming tour. The "Idol" alum talked to Zap2it about what he has in store when he hits the road.

"Yeah, this is my first headlining tour, the shows start on Saturday back home in Dallas. We're having a big CD release party for the album. It's really exciting for the band. We're playing smaller venues, 500 seaters, it's a cool thing to do," reveals Castro.

Also, wondering what's been going on with Jason's brother Michael, whom we saw on "American Idol" this season in Michael Lynche's Hollywood Week group? "I'm also taking out my brother with me to open up. People are always asking me what he's up to, well he's coming on tour with me," Jason teases. "I also have another Atlantic band called Camera Can't Lie, they're coming out with me. I'm excited to meet those guys."

Look for more Jason Castro goodies next week when his album drops on April 13. For now, check out his new single "All Wrapped Up" below.

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