'American Idol': Joshua Ledet's Jennifer Hudson cover divisive

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Joshua Ledet chose to cover former "American Idol" finalist Jennifer Hudson for his Top 13 performance, performing the song "You Pulled Me Through." We liked it (for the most part), but we saw a lot of mixed reviews.

For our part, we thought it was really gorgeous. The shrieky ending could've been reigned in a little, but overall, it was nice. Our on-the-scene "Idol"-goer also thought it was really good and said it brought the house down in the theater. But we saw some tweets and some blogs saying it was terrible.

The judges gave it a standing O, but they also complimented everything but the kitchen sink tonight, so whatevs. What did you think, "American Idol" fans? Does Josh Ledet have your vote?

Photo/Video credit: FOX