'American Idol': Phillip Phillips' 'Thriller,' 'Superstition' win the night

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"American Idol" may have found its winner in Phillip Phillips. Let's run it down - he's super cute, he plays the guitar, his Southern/kinda country and guess what? He can sing and play really well, too, so that's just a bonus.

For his audition, since they can't use instruments, Phillip did "Superstition" and reminded of a less affected and cuter Casey Abrams. Then the Randy told him to get his guitar and he did a wonderful cover of "Thriller." Awesome. Cannot wait to see more of this kid.

We could even put aside that his name is Phillip Phillips (which someone up the chain of command should answer for). What did you think, "Idol" fans? Awesome, right?

Update: We previously identified his job as taxidermy-related, but he actually works in a pawn shop. We have corrected the error and apologize.
Photo/Video credit: FOX