'American Idol': Rachel Zevita feels like a 'Criminal' -- should she be arrested?

The road to "American Idol" has been an exceptionally long one for New Yorker Rachel Zevita. She's been auditioning for the show since Season 6 -- but will her journey end just shy of the top 12?

The 21-year-old took the stage on the Mar. 2 ladies night, with a cover of Fiona Apple's unrelentingly sexy 1997 hit "Criminal."

Instead of singing it like the original -- or anywhere within a 20-mile radius of it -- she pranced around stage, enthusiastically swinging her hair to an upbeat rendition that seemed a bit too Broadway.

And those are the judges' words, not ours. Steven Tyler, the kindest of the three, was the first to make the theatrical comment. Jennifer Lopez was quick to follow suit.

"This is the first time that America is seeing you," she says. "Do you want them to see you as a Broadway performer or someone who could be a recording artist right now?"

But it was Randy Jackson who hated it most of all. "It wasn't great," he says. "It wasn't good... I didn't even know who that was. It just didn't work."

The boos weren't quick to start, so it seems as though a lot of the audience agreed. How about you -- is it already too late for Rachel?

Here's a palate-cleansing reminder of how the original "Criminal" sounds... though, be warned, this was pretty racy video back in its day.

Photo/Video credit: FOX