'American Idol': Randy Jackson out as judge - report

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randy-jackson-idol-320.jpg Randy Jackson is apparently no longer "in it to win it" on "American Idol." TMZ reports that he is officially stepping down as a judge and will stay on at the show in a mentor role. Sources tell the site that the head honchos are concerned Jackson isn't exactly mentor material, but they feel they need to keep him with the show.

Meanwhile, the sources also say Nicki Minaj's deal is close to being finalized. The higher-ups are aware that new judge Mariah Carey is not too keen on Nicki joining her on the panel, but they like the possible tension that will create.

Finally, the sources say that "Idol" will now go for a fourth judge because for some reason they can't just have two women and one man on the panel. We don't get that at all -- how is two women/one man unacceptable, but two men/one woman is OK? What about it makes it not work?

What do you think, "Idol" fans?

Photo/Video credit: FOX