'American Idol': Sam Woolf isn't mad at the finalists who voted to send him home

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sam-woolf-eliminated-american-idol.jpgSam Woolf seemed just as calm and collected following his dramatic exit from "American Idol" in fifth place as he does every week after the show. The 18-year-old Florida singer has gotten criticism for his sometimes-robotic onstage actions, but his laid-back demeanor comes in handy after being booted from the FOX singing competition.

"I'm cool," he tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after his elimination show. "I handle situations like this alright and making the Top 5 is awesome."

Besides -- he knew that his performance during America's Choice week wasn't his best. "I kind of had a feeling last night, I think I told you guys that? I just had a bad vibe about last night after my performance," he says.

The producers of the show must've really wanted him to stick around, because Woolf not only received the Judges' Save, he could've also been the beneficiary of the show's very first elimination twist. Before Ryan Seacrest read the results, he told the contestants that the elimination could go differently this week: If they unanimously voted "yes," whoever was going to be eliminated could stick around until next week, which would then see two singers go home.

But although three people were amenable to this very obvious manipulation by the powers that be -- Woolf included -- two of the singers didn't want to play along and Woolf ended up going home anyway. He doesn't have any hard feelings against his fellow finalists who voted "no," though.

"I did vote for everyone to stay, but after I'd circled the 'yes' we decided we shouldn't have it changed because two people would be going home next week and that seemed worse. We wanted to stick to the one person originally each week," he says.

He, like his fellow Top 5 singers, were not pleased about the entire situation. "I was kind of mad actually. They didn't really tell us, but when they told us that keeping someone for another week was an option we kind of all huddled together and decided we shouldn't really."

Woolf will be back in Los Angeles for the finale in three weeks, and after that he can't wait to spend his summer on the "Idol" tour with his castmates. "The tour is coming up and I want to make an album. I definitely want to do that and write with some cool people. I think it would be cool to do that, especially some of my biggest influences."
Photo/Video credit: FOX