'American Idol': Stream Danny Gokey's debut album

Danny-Gokey-album-320.jpgCheck out "American Idol" finalist Danny Gokey's debut album.

"My Best Days" officially drops on Tuesday, March 2, but you can get a sneak peek of Danny Gokey's album on the Rhapsody website (via CMT).

We gave it a spin and actually enjoyed it, which surprised us. We were not Danny's biggest fans last year on "Idol."

Our favorite song on the album is the driving "Get Away." It's a rocky-country song and Danny's raspy voice sounds great on it. There's also a power ballad called "I Will Not Say Goodbye" that is quite good. We could easily hear either of those songs being played on country radio stations.

It looks like Danny may have found his niche in country music, which is great for him. If it worked for Carrie Underwood, then why not?
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Photo credit: My Best Days