'American Idol' to debut Jennifer Lopez's 'On The Floor' video

idol-jlo-on-the-floor.jpg "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez will debut her latest music video, "On the Floor," on next Thursday's March 3 "Idol." It's the first single from her new album, "Love?" - and there's no word yet as to when it'll debut during the two-hour broadcast beginning at 8 p.m. EST.

The video is directed by Taj Stansberry, aka TAJ, whom Lopez has worked with previously. Choreographer Frank Gatson had an interesting take on the vibe of the video.

"[We're trying to create a vibe] that's so amazing. [It's like] everybody had some watermelon and the watermelon made them high, it gave them a little buzz -- but a good buzz, a real magical buzz, a dance buzz, a buzz that makes you feel like fried chicken, so she just wants everybody to have a good old time. The club must have this vibe, where you get on the floor and everybody's bringing it," he says. "We've seen so many club videos, but we want to see a club video with a vibe unique to Jennifer Lopez."

Watch a preview below and be sure to tune in to "Idol" on March 3 for the whole shebang.