'American Idol' Top 13: Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon discuss thrusting and Stevie Wonder

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No matter what Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon say during our interview of the two Top 13 "American Idol" contestants, we're pretty sure they're friends. They insist they're not close -- and Phil even fake punches Colton in the face -- but something tells us they really do get along.

Zap2it spoke with the two singers ahead of their first official "Idol" finalist performance night, and they had quite a bit to say about covering Stevie Wonder, being thrust into the spotlight and actually just a lot on thrusting in general.

This is a weird situation you guys have been thrust into, how are you dealing?
Phillip Phillips:
It was a big thrust. A weird, fast thrust. I'm so tired. But it's been fun. We've had to make fun out of the thrust.

Any thoughts on thrusting, Colton?
Colton Dixon:
Yeah, I'm going to get off the thrusting for a second. It's fun. You've just got to remember to have fun. But it's so overwhelming. After we made Top 13, we were immediately put into a van and taken to the Top 13 party, where it was really bright strobe lights in our faces from cameras. It was crazy.

It sounds like you guys got kidnapped.
That's what it felt like!
P: They blindfolded us and thrusted us into the van.

You guys are singing Stevie Wonder this week. How did you choose your songs?
I said, 'Huh, I'm gonna do that song,' and then I said 'Alright guys, this is how the song's gonna go.' They said 'Alright man,' and then we got onstage and did it.

Are you putting your own spin on it like you've been doing throughout the competition?
Yes, yes I am. Hopefully people will like it. If they do, that's good, if they don't, that's okay.
C: Phil's kind of the diva of "American Idol."

I'm just kidding. [Laughs] For me, I didn't listen to a lot of Stevie growing up --
P: [coughs] lame!
C: -- so I really had to listen to his catalog and see what he had and what would fit me and what I could do with what fit me, and it was hard. This week's been a challenge for me but I think I pulled one out.
P: This is probably the hardest thrust for you, right? So far?
C: Yeah, this has been the hardest week for me, for sure. [Laughs]

How is the pressure this week now that you're officially in the finals?
Honestly, I think the pressure this week is harder not only [because] we're in the Top 13, but [also] not knowing a lot of Stevie stuff, I just want to do it justice. But you also have to throw your own style into it, so it's a balancing act. You've got to make sure you don't change it too much and you've just got to appreciate what he's already done. So it's been rough this week, it has.
P: You've got to really think about what song you want to do. Sometimes it'll aggravate you but it'll come to you and it'll hit you, and I think it's going to be a good week.

Who have you gotten closest to in the competition?
Not Phillip.
P: Not Colton. Probably Heejun [Han]. We're all really close. Not Colton though.
C: My roommate's Jeremy Rosado and we're both Christian, so it's been really really cool. We get to do devotions together and everything. But yeah, it's not Phillip.
P: Why don't you get a little closer to the recorder, dude?
C: Nah, they can hear me just fine.
P: I'm glad they can't see me punching you, though. [Fake punches Colton in the face.]

Well, anyway, what are you hoping to accomplish when you get onstage for Top 13 night?
Just to have fun with it and don't let nerves get to you. The crowd can be so loud. Last week, that was the first time I've had a live crowd that loud and big screaming for me or anyone I know. It was just weird, I had to tell them to shhhh, to keep it down, 'cause I had to hear what was coming out of the monitors. I wasn't being rude! I was just like 'Please, be quiet a little bit!' So that's the biggest thing. But we're using inner-ears this week and that really helps out a lot.
C: This week's going to be different for me as well. Last week my performance was really visual, so this week I'm just going to focus on the vocals. I don't want to have anything flashy. I just want to get out there, sing a Stevie tune and have America connect the same that they would any other week.

Photo/Video credit: FOX