'American Idol' Top 3: Candice Glover's 'Somewhere' wins the night

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Candice Glover 3rd song, Top 3 ~ American Idol... by HumanSlinky

For the final round on "American Idol" Wednesday (May 8), it was production's choice and Candice Glover was handed a gem in the "West Side Story" classic "Somewhere." She absolutely blew everything out of the water with her performance.

Keith Urban
said afterwards that if you want to vote for Candice, call the number on screen and if you don't want to vote for Candice, call the doctor because you need help. Hee. And Nicki Minaj had just four words -- "See you next week."

It really was a stellar performance on a night full of good ones. Every girl had her moment, but Candice threw down the gauntlet on "Somewhere."

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Photo/Video credit: FOX