'American Idol's' Chikezie Eze held on $50,000 bail over cologne

chikezie-busted.jpgOh boy, the high cost of smelling good.

"American Idol" season 7 contender Chikezie Eze was busted Thursday night (Feb. 25) at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills when he tried to buy two bottles of cologne.

The "Idol" alum tells TMZ that when he presented his never-been-used Neiman's card at the counter, the clerk flagged the card, and he was taken downstairs for questioning.

"They said they were waiting for someone to use the card and when they did they would pull them down," says Chikezie.

Interestingly enough, Chikezie claims to have no idea what information on his application might have raised a red flag, adding, "I haven't done anything wrong myself, and I'm pretty confident nothing is going to happen."