'American Idol's' Jason Castro: Casey James is 'pretty awesome'

jason-castro-getty.jpg Jason Castro of Season 7 of "American Idol" has found time between his self-titled debut album (out April 13) and kicking off his tour to watch some of the Season 9 Idols.

He tells Zap2it that Casey James "was amazing" on Beatles week. Jason has also "been a fan of Crystal Bowersox for awhile. And there's a couple other good people, but those two are my favorites right now."

We asked him what he thinks will happen once judge Simon Cowell leaves the show and Jason actually thinks the show will be okay. "You know, I don't think the show's ever been about [Simon Cowell] as much as it seems," Jason tells us. "He's an awesome personality and somebody we like to hear from, but the real magic of the show is the power of the fans to pick somebody out of nothing and create a career for them."

"It's like when you have your favorite band and you've been watching them grow for years and you hear their songs on the radio. You feel an attachment and you feel part of that. It's like those emotions but it happens in a matter of weeks. It's not so much about the judges as it is about the talent -- the talent that's coming out and the talent that we're recognizing and giving power to."

We certainly hope he's right about the show maybe not being as dependent on Simon Cowell as we all think it is.

Look for more Jason Castro goodies in the coming days, including info on his album and tour, what he thought about playing for Jason and Molly's "Bachelor" wedding and more!

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