'American Idol's' Katie Stevens: 'I want them to do a Disney theme week'

katie-stevens-american-idol-top-12.jpg Katie Stevens has "never been better" after making the Top 12 of "American Idol."

Does she feel extra pressure, being so young and having to juggle school in addition to "Idol?"

"I think it just shows that I can multi-task," Katie laughs. "It's just preparing me for what's to come. I know these next few weeks are going to be very tough, so being able to multi-task and take on so much is just going to be prepare me in the end."

Katie gave Zap2it perhaps the second-best answer to the "dream theme" question ( after Andrew Garcia's "TV show theme song" answer).

"I want them to do a Disney theme week," says Katie. "Me being so young, I grew up with Disney movies ... I think it'd be fun to see everybody out of their element."

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Photo and video credit: Gordon Lake