'American Idol's' Keith Urban: Season 13 is 'anybody's game' at this point

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keith-urban-american-idol-XIII-FOX.jpg "American Idol" is going full steam ahead with its live shows, which in Season 13 have proven to be a bit hit or miss. Judge Keith Urban tells Zap2it he thinks the singers are still getting comfortable with themselves on such a grand stage.

"The contestants hit the 'Idol' stage in a much quicker time frame than they would ordinarily do," says Urban. "We didn't do the trip down to Vegas, we put them onto the big stage with much bigger production sooner than we have in previous seasons. It was probably no coincidence that a couple weeks into the shows was when everybody really stepped up to the plate."

As far as consistency goes, Urban does name-drop Caleb Johnson as being very consistent, but he says it's really too soon to tell who's going to rise to the top. "I think as soon as everybody gets comfortable with being on that stage ... and they kind of hone their look and their feel, I think there may be a couple in there that I wouldn't necessarily name right now who might rise up and that, to me, is what the journey is all about. I think at this stage, it's anybody's game to step out in a big, big way."

When asked about theme weeks and if there's a particular theme he'd like to see the Idols tackle, Urban admits he's really of two minds on the whole idea of themed weeks.

"That's an interesting part of the journey, I'm on the fence about that," muses Urban. "You've gotta have something week to week, but we're in an interesting position of making a television show and trying to find some genuine talent that's gonna get signed and have a real career. We're trying to find that in the mix of trying to mkae a TV show and those two things can be at odds with each other at times. I think 'Idol' does an incredible job of balancing those two things.

"But as an artist, how would I fare with theme weeks? I don't know! [ laughs] It would depend on the theme, I guess. Certain things don't suit certain artists. But at the same time, it's interesting to see how they wrap themselves around whatever they're presented with and maintain their identity."

"American Idol" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Look for more with Urban when he gets ready to take the stage for the ACM Awards on April 6.
Photo/Video credit: FOX