American Music Awards 2012 fashion: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and M.C. Hammer's saggy drawers

It seems the wretched drop-crotch pants trend isn't going away any time soon  -- it doesn't help that "Project Runway" allows its contestants to be judged by 16-year-old "drop-crotch apologist," Tavi Gevinson. The "American Music Awards" 2012 sadly were not immune to the style that can't fade away fast enough. The saggy bottomed drawers were in full effect -- both on stage and on the red carpet. 

So we ask, who do you think wore it best -- or, should that be worst?

amas-2012-justin-bieber-drop-crotch-pants-gi.jpg Justin Bieber

amas-2012-chris-brown-drop-crotch-pants-gi.jpg Chris Brown

amas-2012-mc-hammer-psy-drop-crotch-pants-gi.jpg M.C. Hammer and Psy

Psy and M.C. Hammer sort of get a pass. While they're clearly rocking the 2012 drop crotch, they could both skate on a technicality by arguing these are 1990's Hammer pants.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images