American Music Awards Worst Dressed: Taylor Swift bores and Justin Bieber sags while Nicki Minaj wears a marshmallow

american-music-awards-worst.jpgHere at Zap2it we try to focus on the positive, but there were too many bad fashion decisions made at Sunday's 40th American Music Awards to ignore. From ill-fitting pants to wigs that could house a flock of birds, snooze-worthy dresses and tacky fur, the AMAs were basically a three-hour unforgiving assault on our eyeballs. Let's discuss.

nicki-minaj-amas-2012-worst.jpgHer red carpet look made our best dressed list, but Nicki Minaj murdered the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and/or the Abominable Snowman for this performance outfit. RIP.

kimberly-cole-american-music-awards-2012.jpgKimberly Cole (who is apparently a pop singer) dressed up as J.Lo for Halloween this year, and re-used the outfit (and the spray tan) for her gig as an online red-carpet host.

tyler-glenn-amas-worstjpg.jpgThis is Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees. We really like his music. We don't really like the forty-seven trends he is trying to pack into one outfit.

will-i-am-amas-20102-teeth.jpgIt's bad enough that Will.I.Am's hat has teeth. Adding audience directives to his rings and gold fettucini bling doesn't help matters.

taylor-swift-amas-2012-worst.jpgWe almost put Taylor Swift on our Best Dressed list, but we fell asleep. Another dainty sparkly dress? Be more daring, Taylor! (No, no, no. Not that daring.)

Angry-young-man-chic is not a thing, Chris Brown.

justin-bieber-american-music-awards.jpgEver since Justin Bieber ditched his purple hoodie, he usually nails it in the fashion department, but these ill-fitting red leather pants (complete with knee pads and built-in swag sag) missed the mark. Leather pants aren't supposed to give your business any breathing room, Justin. Haven't you watched "Friends"?

christina-aguilera-amas-2012-worst.jpgWe want to give Christina Aguilera props for embracing her curves in this dress, but the lavender ombre does nothing for her -- particularly with the matchy-matchy eyeshadow and the "oops, I over-medicated" look on her face.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images