'American Ninja Warrior': Kacy Catanzaro wants workout with 'Arrow's' Stephen Amell

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"American Ninja Warrior" finalist Kacy Catanzaro wants to work out with Stephen Amell. As all "Arrow" fans know, this would be rather epic.

Catanzaro talked about Amell during an interview with EW Live. In addition to the many celebrities that had congratulated the athlete on being the first woman to make it to the finals of "American Ninja Warrior," Catanzaro noted that she'd like to hear from Amell too: "His form is just tip-top," she says, having watched the actor's "Superhero Workout" video. "Maybe he could teach me some things. I wouldn't hate that."

Amell, it seems, would be all for that. The "Arrow" star responded positively to Catanzaro's interest:

If nothing else, it would be an intimidating duo.

Photo/Video credit: The CW