'America's Got Talent' finale: Olate Dogs or Tom Cotter, who won the prize?

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olate-dogs-tom-cotter-americas-got-talent.jpg "America's Got Talent" crowned a winner for Season 7 Thursday night (Sept. 13) and the final two choices came down to the Olate Dogs act and Tom Cotter the comedian. We were a little surprised William Close or David Garibaldi weren't amongst the final two -- did that surprise anyone else as well?

In the end, the Olate Dogs were chosen as the winners and good for them. They're a very talented act and we were worried the fact that their act couldn't grow as much week to week as other acts would hurt them -- you can teach dogs new tricks, but not in the time span between weekly episodes. Once they have their own act, it won't matter that every show is the same -- that's kind of the point -- and they can work on new tricks in the down time.

Do you think the right act won? According to the Zap2it poll, it was a dead heat between William Close in first and Olate Dogs in second, with only .3% separating them, while Tom Cotter was in third in the voting.

Do you think William Close should have won?

Photo/Video credit: NBC